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About 66 Musica

The Juilliard School, located in New York City, USA, has always been a top performing arts school. Although it also has drama and dance departments, the music division that has existed since its founding is an esteemed sanctuary that young musicians all over the world yearn to be a part of. In the late 1960s when Taiwan’s economy began to transform and grow, there were young students who went to the school, and the number of alumni has exceeded 100 so far.

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66 Musica was initiated by Taiwanese musicians who graduated from the Juilliard School. In this generation, there are senior performers and educators who have returned to Taiwan after studying at Juilliard in the early days, and there are also performers who have just returned to Taiwan after studying at Juilliard. With the love for music performance, they connect and support each other.

 Meet The Artists
Dedication. Excellence. Passion.


Members recalled that during their studies at Juilliard, Mr. Polisi (retired in 2017), who served as the President of Julliard School for more than 30 years, promoted lectures and concerts suitable for all ages, from preschool to retirees.  He created activities for students to participate in through extended courses of The Juilliard School, and successfully shortened the distance between regular folk and classical music. In addition, with the focus on caring for the society, the Gluck Community Service Fellowship project was launched to bring performing arts to art-disadvantaged communities , and work closely with companies to pass on music marketing, innovation, technology and other related knowledge to students, allowing Juilliard to develop from the tradition of cultivating stage elites in the last century to today's commitment to art and life. The alumni who participated in it brought these valuable experiences, which can also be said to be the most important spirit of Juilliard education, and returned to Taiwan to work hard in their respective fields and thus achieved exemplary results. 66 Musica sincerely hopes that we can gather each other's resources to exert a greater influence through diffusion, so that musicians and society (including the government, enterprises, and the public) can enjoy common prosperity and create greater social value.

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