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蔡佩真 Amy Tsai


鋼琴家蔡佩真自幼學習鋼琴,八歲獲復興小學全校鋼琴比賽冠軍,多次在「音樂之窗」、「小小音樂使節」等電視節目中演出。國中即赴美深造,屢獲全美青年鋼琴家比賽首獎,後取得美國茱莉亞音樂院學士及碩士學位,求學期間隨馬丁 康尼 學習鋼琴,保羅都格德、查理士迺迪許等教授學習室內樂。此外,分別在艾斯本及波頓等知名音樂營中獲得獎學金及參與演出活動。為了拓展音樂以外知識領域,先後在哥倫比亞大學、塔夫茨大學研修微積分和電腦課程。



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Pianist Tsai Pei Chen has studied piano since early age, won first prize at piano competition of Fuxing Primary School at the age of eight, and has performed in TV programs such as Music Window and Little Music Envoy for many times. She went to the United States for further study in high school, won the first prize in the National Young Pianists Competition. She received bachelor,s and master,s degree from The Juilliard School, studied piano with Martin Canin , chamber music with Paul Doktor and Charles Neidich. She has won scholarships and participated in performances at well-known music camps such as Aspen and Bordin. In order to expand knowledge beyond music, she took calculus and computer courses at Columbia University and Tufts University.

After returning to Taiwan, she was invited to perform concertos with the Huagang Symphony Orchestra, Guangren Orchestra and Fu Jen University Orchestra. She also performed two piano concerts with Japanese pianist Michio Kobayashi, and duo concerts with Russian violinist Philip Hersio. In 1994, she formed "The Juilliard Piano Ensemble" and toured the National Concert Hall and throughout Taiwan. She has performed with the well-known Japanese violinist

Kubo Yoko and the cellist Iwasaki Ko many times, and has also been invited to Japan as a soloist to perform concertos with the Kurashiki Orchestra. In recent years, she has established the "RAY Jazz Piano Trio" with Taiwanese drum king Huang Rui Feng and Japanese double

bass player Yoshinori Kaneki, and has performed many classical-jazz crossover concerts in Taiwan.

She currently teaches at Affiliated High School of Normal University and Soochow University. She is the first president of this Association.

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